Underworld alchemy secret sounds

Silver alto and electric guitar becomes a green lion that devours the sun. Electric bass to agitate and ignite. Drums and percussion to stir, rumble and clank like a furnace in a subterranean laboratory. The secret of alchemy is mastery of the illusion. We’ll take you somewhere in the dark – and leave you to find the way out.

Welcome! Please listen to these secret sounds of this new project. The first three clips are most indicative of our recent work in a live setting and were recorded on 3.8.16 at Andrew Drury's Soup and Sound concert series in Brooklyn with a simple recorder in the kitchen. The video is from 2015, was taken by Scott Friedlander and showcases an additional composition not in the audio clips.

  • Sarah Manning - alto saxophone, composer
  • Briggan Krauss - electric guitar
  • Simon Jermyn - electric bass
  • Gerald Cleaver - drums